Not Rocket Science’s Cognitive UX provides a platform to accelerate an organization’s delivery of cognitive services via natural language mobile, web and gamification interfaces.

As SME’s work to develop an organization’s corpus with industry domain specific and internal IP information, the platform allows these evolving cognitive services to be delivered to their workforce and customers. Cognitive UX allows the organization to quickly realize the benefits of workforce augmentation as execution progresses.
hand holding an iPhone smartphone and the screen displays an example of a blockchain solution that we did for one of our customers


  • Imagine a Cognitive AG Assistant who is an expert on trading, options, regulations, compliance, transportation, weather and could guide your employees to making the best decisions, as if they are every bit as experienced as the best in your organization.
  • Now your cognitive assistant can teach you and guide you through the complex maze of rules and products efficiently. Studies are finding 32% more productivity in employees using cognitive technology.
  • We imagine a world where cognitive technology will be a thread that runs through every aspect of the business to drive better results and customer service.
  • Cognitive Assistants are a new way to provide automated services to your customer. It offers a cognitive, conversational self-servie experience that can provide answers and take action.