Not Rocket Science’s mission is to ignite transformative business change through the innovative use of emerging technologies.


Founded in the mid-90’s, when the internet was in its infancy, we at Not Rocket Science knew that this emerging technology would have profound effect on society and business.

The evolution of computer science and the internet has produced today’s Emerging Technologies such as Cognitive Solutions, IoT, Natural Language Interfaces and Blockchain. We are working with our customers to introduce these emerging “Cognitive” technologies into their business processes at speed and scale on an enterprise cloud platform.

We collaborate with each customer to frame immediate needs and challenges within the greater context of long-term strategic goals.  Each agile design step is an innovative response to real business requirements. Each decision is weighed for impact across the organization and over time. 

We partner with our customers to create solutions that reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver better results to their customers and investors. We have done so repeatedly for key State and Local Government agencies and for industry leaders in fields as diverse as Petro/Chemical, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Health Care. 

In today’s competitive business landscape, the companies that have the advantage are those making the expeditious evolution to cognitive technology. These cognitive businesses access and share internal and external data and knowledge, retain that knowledge within the company over time and glean insight previously out of reach.

We invite you to let Not Rocket Science ignite that kind of change in your organization. It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s the innovative use of technology.

If you are ready for Blockchain, Natural Language Interfaces, Visual Recognition Services, Augmented Reality & Gamification get in touch with us today to begin your journey to becoming a Cognitive Business.