08 February 2017

Cloud Computing: Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM

In such a short period of time, the cloud computing industry has grown significantly. The current top three cloud service providers are: Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. Salesforce is a top vertical SaaS (software as a service) player. 1 Red Drop's article focuses first on their cloud computing revenue for the first quarter of 2017. What you can see is that the three companies- Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM- focus on different areas within the cloud industry. Amazon is in the public clous and IaaS. Microsoft on the other hand, uses public and hybrid cloud models with a focus on SaaS. IBM is heavy on its supercomputer, Watson, but also uses Big Blue, which is a part of the hybrid cloud. So the results of their finances and the sections of the cloud industry they cover say this: they cover so much of the cloud computing segment, so there is not much space for new competition, so they will dominate for a long time.

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