03 May 2017

Website Re-Design: St. Tammany Clerk of Court

St. Tammany Clerk of Court came to Not Rocket Science to re-design their website for the newly elected Clerk of Court. Time was of the essence as the newly elected Clerk of Court was going to start her first day in office and it needed to be live in time for that day. We sat down with the Clerk and IT department to gather specifics on what they and their users needed for the new website. The meeting revealed they wanted a website that was more organized and user friendly, but had a nice patriotic feel showcasing some parts of St. Tammany. The website also needed to easily tie in specific applications from their database that users would use and have a news section where articles could be easily posted and updated by the staff. Since the older website didn't have a logo per say, just the previous Clerk of Court and her name on the left hand corner, Not Rocket Science created the logo for the website.

The website is not only clean and easy to read, but it is well organized and important information stands out so users can easily look for what they need. Not only are the pages organized on the menu bar, but the menu structure is also on the home page below the Clerk of Court's message, so visitors can see what they need quickly, and are just one click away. The most widely used pages had triple exposure- not only were they in the main menu bar and the boxes in the middle of the home page, but under Quick Links as well so if a visitor didn't know what department "Birth Certificates" would be under, he or she could just click on the link called "Birth Certificates" and be brought to the page, instantly. Other important items that needed to be in plain view were the news and clerk of court locations and their contact information. 

On the inner pages, the departments have a similar structure of content- the important information such as contact information, is on the top in an eye-catching box, folowed by information about the department, and any related information including a chart for fees, links to external government websites, and PDFs available to view and download. The inner pages have a left menu that displays each "child" page that is under the "parent" page. For instance, when you click on the Archives page under Departments, "Departments" is the parent page and "Archives" is the child page. The left menu is helpful when websites have a lot of pages on their website because it allows website visitors to click on those links instead of scrolling back up the page and searching through the top menu bar. 



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