05 February 2020

Want to Go Viral? Do This!


The internet has become a large place filled with so much information that gets posted and shared every nanosecond. It's hard to be unique and get noticed, but it seems like everything goes "viral" these days from animal videos to companies exchanging conversations on Twitter. So you are here, reading this article. You have either thought about trying to get your idea, brand, video, or article to go viral but didn't know where to start. Or you have tried to make something go viral, and it failed. Well, what can you do?

Stop investing long-term efforts into a goal. Instead, try short-term experiments that last a few weeks. Long-term experiments are high risk. They take too many resources so if it doesn't work out, then the loss in time and effort is great. On the other hand, when making short-term experiments, the loss isn't that bad if it doesn't work out and you can learn a lot while doing it. Nonetheless, you shouldn't spend a lot of time on them. Your experiments are to be used as teaching tools to see what works and what doesn't and can point the direction for greater projects and opportunities. 

So how does someone get started? Well, there are different ways to approach this depending on what you would like to do. If you are thinking about re-designing your brand, write some social media posts that reflect the new path your company or organization will take, and see what the engagement is like. If you are thinking about creating a new product, write a blog post that encapsulates the core idea, and measure the reaction it gets. If you would like to gain traffic to your blog or website, try blogging every day for a few weeks. These simple experiment ideas don't require much commitment but can bring in big results. What short-term experiment would you like to try?


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